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There are 252 articles in this category

11 pieces set out Springs - KW30808

2-door locker - KW3964-12

2-door locker

And 4 shelves

24 + 5 LED rechargeable cordless lamp - KW32070

- 24 lateral high luminous LED

with special mirror effect

- Strong focused light 30°

- 5 additional LED in the head

of the lamp

- Rotating and foldable h

264 Professional Tool Kit with BOSCH Battery Screwdriver - KW3949

3- System of elements of storage - KW3964A

3-pieces socket adapter set - KW123003

3-pieces socket adapter set

specially slim, with integrated turning


38 pieces key box 1/4 " - KW99012

With handle of 2 materials and


3rd drawer extension with 61 tools inserted in 5 EVA-3 foam inserts - KW4933.3

3T garage monkey - KW38113

Extra-low and long design,

Works in small space, with

Large lifting capacity

65 to 510mm, with quick lifting

(Up to the loading point).

4- System of elements of storage - KW3964D